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Fast Casual: Nick Powills Shares How to Set Your Marketing Apart in 2017
How fast casual brands can compete with innovative marketing.

Most brands have come to embrace that marketing is a key component to the success of their business. but that's presents a problem in the fast casual space as companies try to set themselves apart from competitors, who are also employing popular marketing tactics.

While the term 'content marketing' has been buzzing for years, No Limit Agency's founder and chief brand strategist told Fast Casual that it's not going anywhere.

"Brands have piled content onto their websites and blogs only to have no one read it," said Powills. "Brands like Dairy Queen are creating content positionings all over the web, some by influencers, some on Social, some on media sites and then, some on their site, too," he said to Fast Casual. "Great marketers have been saying for years that a little of everything is the true silver bullet in marketing, yet, many brands fail to listen, rather choosing to put all of their eggs into one bucket.

His plan is to take content further and offer targeted platforms to reach the right kind of audience with earned placements. 

And in an increasingly digital world, social media is a more important tool in marketing than ever because it offers a direct connection between brand and consumer.

He suggests upping the engagement on your companies social media channels and using posts to encourage real human interactions.

"Social media will turn back into a marketer’s dream versus a tedious task. If it doesn’t, brands will be left asking what is the ROI of having all of this content do nothing for you."

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