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Naples Daily News: K-9 Resorts Looking to Expand in Naples
K-9 Resorts is looking for new franchisees to develop in the Naples area.
Naples pooch lovers will soon rest easy with luxurious new accommodations for their canine coming to town. K-9 Resorts is planning expansion in the area, currently vetting potential franchisees.
K-9 Resorts, born out of New Jersey, features open-air outdoor play areas, doggie suites with TV tuned to Animal Planet, plenty of toys and a canine spa.
The concept was born when Jason and Steven Parker's parents wouldn't let them get a dog, so they started a business caring for their neighbors pets in the area. Soon the boys had 50 clients and were hiring friends to help out.
The eldest Parker brother eventually dropped out of college to focus on the business full-time, now grossing six figures. The two began investing in dog hotels and boarding facilities and founded the K-9 resorts concept.
The Parker's soon became some of the youngest franchisors in history when they began to franchise the company and now, ten years later, they have locations in three states and are planning big expansion, which includes Naples.
“Naples has just what we’re looking for in terms of population density, household income and how much people spend on dogs,” he said.
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