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The Atlanta Journal Constitution: Welcomemat Services Ranks Decatur Second For Best Cities for U.S. Small Businesses
Welcomemat Services ranked America’s top 25 best neighborhoods for small businesses in the U.S. in 2016.
Welcomemat Services found that Decatur ranked at #2 as one of the best cities for small business after looking at several different qualities about the city. 

The franchise system made up of small business owners across the country, listed Decatur as the second-place spot on its list of “America’s Top 25 Best Neighborhoods for Small Businesses 2016."  

Brookhaven also made the list representing DeKalb at No. 13.

Welcomemat Services helps small businesses with promotion, determined the winners by polling businesses in the group's ranks and were surveyed on topics including “schools, local vibe, family friendliness, walkability, sense of community, etc.,” a news release said.

The areas were chosen from the “over 500 ZIP codes Welcomemat delivers to."

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