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The Butler Collegian: Pita Pit Location Opening on Campus For Butler University
Franchisee Travis Sealls will be opening his Pita Pit location next week on Butler University's campus.
The first Pita Pit on Butler's campus is finally gearing up for its grand opening on Thursday, November 10. To celebrate, they are donating a portion of the proceeds to the Joel Cornette and Andrew Smith Scholarship funds dedicated to two former Butler basketball players who recently passed away.

“We want the Butler community to know we’re going to be an integral part of it,” Franchisee Travis Sealls said in an interview with The Butler Collegian. “A big part of that is giving back to the community. We want to let it be known that we care for the Butler community past, present and future.”
Travis graduated from the university in 2003 and is the proud owner of three other Pita Pit franchises in Indiana. When he reached out to corporate about wanting to open a location on his alma mater's campus, the team was ecstatic.
“As students move on, get married and have kids, they’ll more than likely have fond memories of Pita Pit because it’s fun and energetic there,” Vice President of Development Bill Wilfong said to The Butler Collegian. “They’ll start thinking, ‘Wow, why don’t we have a Pita Pit in my town where I’ve finally decided to land?’ That’s how a lot of our expansion goes.”
Travis is hoping to hire on students to join the Pita Pit team, providing an opportunity for college kids to hone their skills and earn a little cash in the process.
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