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The Free Lance-Star: ARCpoint Labs Partners with October Red Ribbon Week for Drug Prevention
ARCpoint Labs franchisees Shelley and Brad Freitag helped their neighbor Monica Calderon overcome her heroin addiction by partnering with October Red Ribbon Week and hiring her at their location.
Monica Calderon battled a fight against drugs. But thanks to the influence from her neighbors, Shelley and Brad Freitag, who ran ARCpoint Labs in Stafford, Calderon won the war.
Calderon, joined their staff to draw blood for drug tests and over time found herself sharing her experiences with clients. So, when Brad Freitag contacted Stafford high schools as part of a new national ARCpoint participation for October’s Red Ribbon Week Calderon saw this as a way to share her story.

ARCpoint’s work this year with Red Ribbon Week seemed like a step along the path toward the parent education and support programs they hope to develop. 

When Brooke Point's counselor Marialena Bridges asked if they knew anyone with first-hand experience who might be able to talk to students, Calderon saw it as a chance to help and share. 

“It makes me extremely nervous,” Calderon said. “It’s a very intimate part of my life. I guess maybe two years ago I would have been too ashamed … I’d like to think that me going through all of this is maybe a calling.

“If it can help just one person, then it was worth it,” she said.

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