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Daily Local News: Mobile personal training service GYMGUYZ expands in western Philadelphia suburbs
Three different franchisees have expanded the personalized wellness concept in Chester, Bucks and Montgomery counties.
GYMGUYZ is bringing convenient fitness to greater Philadelphia, and in a big way.
According to the Daily Local News, Franchisees Stacie Johns-Fink, Kristina Conway and Spark Vandzura have recently expanded the mobile-fitness concept to the area. With this, they each will bring personalized wellness plans and vans stocked with 365 pieces of workout equipment to the convenient setting of choice for locals. 
“Our workouts are convenient, customized and creative,” West Chester area GYMGUYZ Franchisee, Stacie Johns-Fink told the Daily Local News. “No two workouts are ever the same.”
GYMGUYZ franchisees are confident that busy locals will be receptive to the concept, as it will provide a more accessible option for reaching long term fitness goals.
“We’ve been building a client base and letting them know there’s another option out there,” King of Prussia area GYMGUYZ Franchisee, Kristina Conway told the Daily Local News. “I’m a true believer in trying to live a balanced life and I want to spread that around. I believe in it.”
The GYMGUYZ system of motivated, supportive franchisees who have a like-minded goal of transforming lives is what drew Doylestown area GYMGUYZ Franchisee, Spark Vandura to the concept. 
“I love the family atmosphere, we’re all here to help each other,” Vandzura told the Daily Local News. “I was looking for an opportunity to help people change their lives.”
This same passion was echoed by GYMGUYZ Founder & CEO Josh York, who developed the concept as an accessible solution for those who wanted to wanted to have fitness in their daily routines, but did not have the time to make it to the gym. 
“It’s a great model,” York told the Daily Local News. “There’s no brick and mortar and the scalability is very high. We get to change people’s lives everyday. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.”
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